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9 Perfect Halloween Games for Seniors

You’re going to love this updated & modern list of Halloween games for seniors.

Seniors love to have fun & this list of Halloween games has some great twists on classic favorites.

This list of Halloween games for seniors are specifically designed for them.

This is so they can have fun without feeling like they are risking their health and safety to do so.

1. Halloween Bingo

Before you just pass over this idea, yes, this is a fresh & modern twist on the classic game.


With colorful, themed pictures on every card!

There are 2 different version – all with 80 different card each.

(Need more than 80 unique cards? Leave me a comment below & I can create a custom order for you!)

Click here to see the first version – Fall Festival Bingo.

It’s cute & colorful with cheerful fall graphics.

Now if your seniors like something a bit more exciting, you can go with these creepy & fun Halloween Bingo Cards.

Click here to see the Halloween Bingo Cards.

These are not your typical bingo cards – with haunted houses, frankenstein, black cats & skeletons.

You’ll know which set of Halloween bingo cards is best for your audience.

If you think your seniors would like both sets, you can download them here & start using them right away.

2. Guess the Pumpkin’s Weight

This game gets the gears turning and builds a bit of healthy competition that doesn’t involve getting up and moving around.

Everyone can sit comfortably in their chairs and battle to see who can guess the weight of the chosen pumpkin, the closest.

Of course, adding in fun prizes and doing this multiple times with various gourds and sizes will keep the fun rolling for a while.

You can even mix it up and allow them to feel or pass around the pumpkin as long as it’s a suitable size and weight.

3. Hot Pumpkin

Instead of a potato, you can use a mini pumpkin, an orange bean bag, a cloth pumpkin, etc.

Just like hot potato, this game allows seniors to interact and get their blood pumping with a bit of excitement.

You can be creative with this part, just as long as it’s easy for them to toss around without a ton of effort.

Prizes are a must!

4. Don’t Drop the Pumpkin

This is played with balloons.

The only object of the game is to make sure the balloon never touches the ground.

Seniors have to hit the ball to each other like they would in a volleyball or tennis match.

Use an orange balloon as the “pumpkin.” You can do this in small groups or even with a large group.

5. Count the Candy

Have a large bowl of candy near the front of the room or area where the games are taking place.

Throughout the night or event, let seniors take a stab at how many pieces of candy they think are in the bowl.

Give the top three closest guesses a prize.

Having candy they could ingest or enjoy would also be a fun prize to hand out to all participants involved.

6. Fall Bocce Ball

This game is great because it can be executed either indoors or outside.

Have a large pumpkin positioned somewhere nearby that the participants can easily see.

Handout either orange bean bags or cloth pumpkins and play a round of Bocce Ball.

This involves each participant trying to throw their “pumpkin” as close to the large pumpkin as possible.

The closest pumpkin wins!

7. Halloween Movie Trivia

Quote lines from movies that participants involved would have a good chance of knowing and let them guess what it’s from.

Try to keep it centered on scary movies around their time. It doesn’t have to be Halloween specific movies, just scary themes.

This will keep it connected to the season and allow for some fun memories and looking back.

8. Halloween Pictionary

Halloween Pictionary is exactly what you think – all you need are Halloween themed items that can be drawn and guessed just like pictionary.

You can either have one designated person who does all the drawing or let the seniors divide themselves into teams.

If there’s one designated drawer, let the seniors give their answers as they draw.

If you want to have teams, have four to each group, two as a team battling against the other team.

9. Pumpkin Ring Toss

This game is great because they can actually sit & throw rings at pumpkins.

It does take more effort on your part – getting prepared with the pumpkins & the rings.

Plus during the game, you don’t want the seniors to keep getting up & bending down to pickup the rings, so you’ll need someone available to assist.

You could even have them pain the pumpkins a day ahead & then use them for the ring toss.

All of these Halloween games can honestly be adapted for any age.

However, these are great game options for those who either can’t or don’t prefer to get up and move around a lot.

Everyone deserves some fun on Halloween!